Android 10 for LG G8 and G7 ThinQ : Release Date and Features

LG released the G8 ThinQ flagship in April, 2019 with pre-loaded Android 9 Pie OS while its predecessor G7 ThinQ arrived in May, 2018 running on Android 8 Oreo. The G7 ThinQ flagship later upgraded to Android 9 Pie. The next major update for these flagships is Android 10.

Android 10 lg g8

Google began the Beta program of Android Q for Pixel devices in March, extended to partner devices including LG G8 in May, 2019. So the registered LG G8 users received the Android 10 Q third beta in May. On August 7th, the Search Giant released the final and sixth beta for Pixel series devices. After that, Google announced in a blog post that they dropped the naming of Android versions with famous desserts, so the upcoming updates will be called as versions.

So the tenth anniversary Android update is called as Android 10 only with out any official codenames and finally arrived on September 3rd for Pixel series and Essential devices.

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LG G8 and G7 : Android 10 Rollout dates

The South Korean tech giant recently becomes slow with rollout of android updates to even its flagships. But we hope sitution will be different with Android 10, because of Project Treble rolled out with Android Pie.

LG began the rollout of Android Pie for the G7 ThinQ flagship in June and continues even in August, 2019. The users are saying that the update contains many bugs and battery drain issues, shared through Reddit. According to rumours and leaks, the next flagship to receive the Pie update is G6 ThinQ.

LG began the beta program of Android 10 for the G8 ThinQ in South Korea in late-October and progressed to stable rollout in early-December, 2019. So most likely, LG will extend the stable Android 10 rollout for the unlocked G8 ThinQ devices in the US and remaining regions in January, 2020.

However, G7 ThinQ users may have to wait until the end of Q1 of 2020, probably in late-March or early-April to receive the update. The unlocked users of G7 ThinQ in Canada, South Korea and Europe will receive the update earlier than the US consumers, based on previous rollouts. The official rollout dates will be posted here, as soon as LG has announced them.

Update on 27/5/2020 :

The G7 ThinQ devices in South Korea started receiving the Android 10 update, after a long waiting. The devices with version numbers G710N30d/G710NO30d are currently receiving the update in Korea. LG may start the rollout outside Korea in a few days. According to some reports in Reddit, T-Mobile G7 users in the US also getting the update sized of 1.41 GB which is huge.

Android 10-t-mobile-g7-rollout
The update includes all the standard goodies of Android 10 and also some beta features in Android 11 like Screen recording which is an exclusive feature for G7 ThinQ. The G7 users can full system wide dark mode after installing the update.

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Android 10 : Exclusive Features

The tenth anniversary edition of Android comes with many elegant Dark UI elements and notable features like Smart Reply, Live Captions, Parental Controls and Focus mode for Digital wellbeing, Full Gesture Navigation, Project Mainline and so on.

System-wide Dark Mode

The upcoming Android is coming with full system-wide dark theme which is almost bug free due to extensive beta testing. The Search Giant has been developing the Dark theme for two years and rolledout some UI elements like nav bar and Quick Settings with the Pie update, last year. This time, users can experience full dark theme in all Google apps and even third party apps. Android will automatically enable dark theme in third party apps, so user won’t have to enable it manually.

Android 10 dark mode

LG G8 and G7 users can enable dark theme by simply turning on the Battery saver or going into Settings > Display > Theme. More refinements to dark theme may come with upcoming Android updates.

Desktop mode support

Android 10 lg desktop mode
Credits: XDA developers

The Tenth anniversary edition of Android came with native support for desktop mode which is exclusive for high-end Samsung and Huawei flagships till now. LG utilized the desktop mode support in stock android and released in its UX 9.0 update for G8 and V50 ThinQ flagships. The folks at XDA-developers spotted the feature first and revealed more details about it.

By connecting the LG G8 device to a big display like monitor or TV through a USB Type-C to HDMI adapter and enable desktop mode in the notification. The android itself adjust UI and app drawer for bigger display. The Desktop mode on Android 10 also supports multi-window mode and PC peripherals.

Full Gesture Navigation

The Search Giant introduced the Gesture navigation feature and revamped navigation bar in the Android 9 update. Later, in Android 10 Betas, Google refined the feature and removed nav bar totally leaving a small bar shaped Home button only. So users can navigate throughout Android using various Gestures without using Back and Overview buttons.

Users can even customize the Back sensitivity by tapping on the gear icon against Gesture navigation option in Settings menu. High Back sensitivity conflicts with other gestures at the edge of the display. If the user don’t like Gesture navigation, he/she can revert back to old navigation with navbar in Settings menu. LG rolledout the feature with Android 10 update for G8 ThinQ, so most likely, it will come to G7 ThinQ too.

Android 10 focus mode

Focus mode and Parental Controls

The Search Giant unveiled the Digital Wellbeing app last year, to reduce smartphone addiction and rolled out with Android Pie update. New components have been added to Digital Wellbeing in Android 10 are Focus Mode and Parental Controls. Using Focus mode, G8 and G7 users can stop notifications from certain apps like messaging apps to prevent constant interruptions.

Parental controls helps to restrict smartphone use in children which is ever increasing now-a-days. Using Parental controls, users can time limit Screen-on, App usage and even lock some apps. So the features helps to prevent smartphone addiction and promote healthy smartphone use in children.

Battery Saver Schedule

Android 10 battery schedule lg g7

The Tenth anniversary iteration of Android comes with this new feature to prolong the battery life of devices without much intervention needed by users. The battery life is increased itself by android by AI processing. The G8 and G7 users can enable the feature after updating to Android 10, by going into Settings > Battery > Battery Saver Schedule and enable the option Based on Your routine.

After setting the option to Based on Your routine, android will analyze the user’s behaviour patterns, charging patterns using on-device machine learning and finds new ways to save battery. Then, the feature reduce background syncs and other processings in the background without disturbing the user experience. The Search giant may also introduce another new feature to save battery in the next Android 11 update.

Smart Reply

Android 10 smart reply

The Android 10 updates with various AI associated improvements to take user experience to next level and smart reply is one of them. The Smart reply feature works basically in this way : when a new message appears in notifications, customized quick replies will appear below the message and some quick actions will also appear depending upon the message content.

For example when a message with address to a location arrived, smart reply will show a shortcut to launch the Maps app below the message. So users can navigate to that address with just a single click. Smart reply uses on-device machine learning, so there is no fear of privacy issues.

Android 10 Bubbles

Android 10 bubbles

Bubbles is an awesome feature to multi-task in Android 10. The feature works similar to that of Facebook’s chatheads. Users can tap on icons of apps to chat or call and similtaneously browse web or watch videos in the remaining screen real estate. As the G8 flagship sports 6.1 inch display with 19.5:9 ratio, it is very suitable for multi-tasking with Bubbles and Picture in Picture features.

Update on 27/10/2019 :

LG has announced the beta program of Android 10 for G8 ThinQ consumers in South Korea few days ago. The first beta rollout is expected to begin before the end of this month and will extend to V50 ThinQ in the next month. LG made no comments about whether the beta comes to last year flagships like G7. But according to tech analysts, the beta rollout may extend to G7 in December or January.

LG promises that they will rollout the Android 10 quicker than Pie to regain the trust of customers. So we can expect the full rollout of Android 10 for G8 and G7 in Q1 of 2019. The beta update for G8 contains all features present in the final build of stock Android 10 like Full Gesture navigation, dark mode, Bubbles, Smart reply, Focus mode and so on. We will update soon with more details about Android 10 beta for G8.

Update on 19/9/2019 :

Android-10 bug droid

Google released the Android 10 official version on September 3rd and the rollout hit Pixel series, Essential Phone devices on the same day. On the next day, OnePlus starts the beta program for its flagships. The source code of Android 10 is pushed up to AOSP on September 5th. However, LG made no announcement about the rollout of Android 10 for its devices.

The official version is very similar to the final beta, but also contains September month’s Security patch, charging port clean notification, New emoji and other improvements.

We will update this article soon with more details about LG G8 and G7 Android 10 update in coming days.

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