Android 10 for LG V40 and G8 ThinQ : Release Date and Features

The Android 10 update is the next major update coming in a few weeks for the devices powered by Android. Earlier it was called as Android Q, but recently Google announces that they dropped the naming of Android updates with the names of desserts, so the upcoming updates will be named as version numbers only.

Lg-g8- thinq-android-10

The V40 ThinQ is a flagship device from LG, arrived in October 2018, powered by Snapdragon 845 Mobile Platform and runs on Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box. Recently the flagship got updated to Android 9 Pie and LG UX 8.

LG G8 ThinQ is another flagship phone which is announced at MWC 2019 in February and powered by Snapdragon 855 chipset. The flagship comes with Android 9 Pie with UX 8.0 skin out of the box. The next major update for both the flagships is Android 10.

Android 10 lg v40

Google begins the Beta program of Android 10 on March 13th for Pixel devices and later the program has been extended to other partner devices like LG G8, Xperia XZ3 and others in May 2019. So the registered LG G8 ThinQ users received the Android 10 early beta update. The final and last Beta came out on August 7th with some fixes for bugs, slight UI changes and some minor refinements. The official release of Android 10 is expected to arrive in a few weeks, most likely in the last week of August or first week of September.

Android 10 for LG G8 and V40 Release Dates

LG got a good history of fast update cycles but recently the trend has been changed. The rollout of Android 9 Pie got very much delayed even for flagship devices like V35 And V30 ThinQ. Even G7 ThinQ users received the Pie update in South Korea in January 2019. However, things may go better with Android 10 because of Project Treble implemented with Android Pie.

As LG G8 ThinQ came with pre-loaded Android Pie and Treble enabled, we expect G8 users will receive the Android 10 update shortly after Pixel devices. Most likely in early or mid-November LG G8 ThinQ users will get update notifications. If we look at V40 ThinQ scenario, most probably Android 10 will be the final update and may receive security updates only after that, as the flagship already received one major Android update.

Since, V40 ThinQ users received the Pie update in June and July of 2019, they may have to wait atleast until early-Q2 of 2020 to get Android 10. These time frames may subject to change because of unforeseen technical issues and other things. We will post the official rollout dates here as soon as LG has announced them.

Update on 25/2/2020 :


Another major US carrier started the rollout of Android 10 for its G8 ThinQ flagship devices. Today, we have received reports from G8 owners on T-Mobile that they have received Android 10 update notifications. The size of the update is about 1.5GB and the battery needs to be charged atleast upto 40% before downloading and installing the update.

AT&T is the remaining carrier to kick off the Android 10 rollout for its G8 devices. Most probably in the next week or in mid-March, the G8 consumers on AT&T will get the notifications.

Update on 6/2/2020 :

Android 10 lg g8 unlocked usa

Finally, the South Korean tech giant starts the rollout of Android 10 for the unlocked G8 ThinQ owners in the US. Many users report that they are downloading the update, but the rollout may take a few weeks to hit all the unlocked G8 devces in the US. The update comes with January month’s security patch and sizes about 1.9GB. The update includes all standard features of Android 10 like Dark mode, Desktop mode, Full Gestures and so on.

About a week ago, the Italian division of LG shared a schedule of Android 10 rollout for its flagships which includes G8S and G8X dual display devices and G7 flagship along with V40 and V50 devices. However, the time to hit V40 ThinQ seems very long. According to the roadmap, the V40 owners will get the Android 10 update in Q3 of 2020. So the the rollout should begin only after the end of June, according to the roadmap. However, the beta program may begin sooner in South Korea and the US, according to tech experts.

Update on 21/1/2020 :

LG begins the Android 10 rollout for V series flagships with the latest V50 flagship in South Korea. The South Korean V50 users have received the beta version of Android 10 recently and the final version rollout might begin in early-February, according to rumours.

Android 10 rollout lg g8 usa

On the other hand, the rollout for G8 ThinQ spread to the US and other regions, as we said before. The G8 users on Sprint and Verizon received update notifications which is weighs about 1.9 GB and comes with December month’s security patch. The users in other region and on other carriers will get the update notifications very soon, as the rollout proceeds in phases.

Update on 3/1/2020 :

The Korean variant of LG G8 received the Android 10 Stable update about two weeks ago, according to users reports from South Korea. So the US variants of LG G8 and European users will receive the update most likely in January, 2020. However, some carriers may rollout the update for G8 in February.

Android 10 logo

Android 10 : New Features and refreshments

As it is the tenth anniversary update, many new features and improvements are coming with it. Google already announces that the update will come with September 1st Security patch for Pixel series devices. Many security bugs of moderate severity have been fixed, according to commits made in development.

The key features of Android 10 include system-wide dark theme, Full Gesture navigation, native support for 5G and Desktop mode, Bubbles, Focus mode and Parental controls for Digital Wellbeing and many more. Now we will review the features of the next major Android update.

System wide Dark Mode

One of the most requested features of Android is Dark theme. Google has been developing dark mode for about Two years and rolled out some elements with Android Pie. Last year, Samsung released its own dark theme with the One UI update. Now Google brings gorgeous system-wide dark mode with the Android 10 update for stock android devices.

Although V40 and G8 uses UX 8.0 interface, LG may apply stock android dark theme to its UI. So users can enable dark mode after upgrading to Android 10 by simply turn-on the battery saver through Quick settings toggle or go to Settings>Display>Theme. Using dark theme prevents eye strain during night time and reduces battery consumption. As both V40 and G8 features OLED displays, dark theme massively reduce battery use.

Android 10 Bubbles

Android 10 bubbles

Multi-tasking made more easy on Android 10 with the Bubbles feature. So users can reply to messages in Messages app, Whatsapp without even opening the app, directly from the homescreen or while using other apps. So while watching videos or browsing web, users multitask with bubbles for messaging and call apps. More details about the Bubbles feature will be revealed soon.

Full Gesture navigation

The Android 10 update comes with improved Gesture navigation and cusromization support. Users can select between Full Gesture navigation with only small bar like home button, navigation bar with home and back button and old navigation bar with back and overview buttons options in Settings menu.

Users can even customize Back gesture sensitivity in the upcoming Android update. On tapping the gear against Full Gesture navigation, a slider will appear through which Back sensitivity can be set. High back sensitivity interferes with other gestures around the edges of screen.

Focus mode and Parental Controls for Digital Wellbeing

Android 10 parental controls

Using Focus mode users can stop notifications, alerts from specific apps. The V40 and G8 users can access Focus mode in Digital Wellbeing app in Android 10. So users can concentrate on task or work on phone without constant interruptions.

Parental controls is another great addition for Digital wellbeing to prevent smartphone addiction and promote healthy usage in children. Using options in Parental controls section of Digital wellbeing app, users can limit the screen on time, specific app usage time and lock some apps for their children.

Battery Saver Schedule

Android 10 battery saver schedule

The Android 10 update will bring a bit of AI with the schedule feature to battery saver, so that LG V40 and G8 users will enjoy more battery life after the update. The feature has to be enabled manually, after updating to Android 10, so V40 users can go into Settings> Battery> Battery Saver> Battery Saver Schedule and set the option to Based on Your routine.

Then, users can completely forget about enabling battery saver manually, as the Battery saver itself turns-on and off according to user’s behaviours and charging patterns. The feature uses on-device machine learning, so there is no fear of any privacy issues.

New Collection of Emojis

Android 10 new emoji collection

The Search Giant usually redesigns and introduces new emoji with every major update. In Android 10, Google introduced 236 new emoji and 800 existing emoji are revamped of which about 300 are changed to gender-neutral styles.

The new animal emoji introduced with Android 10 include organtuan, otter, skunk, flamingo, oyster and few types of guide dogs. New food emoji arrived with Android 10 are garlic, onions, waffles, falafel, butter, a beverage box and an Ice cube. LG V40 and G8 users can use these new elegant emojis in messaging apps after updating to Android 10.

Update on 27/10/2019 :

LG begins the beta program of Android 10 soon after Samsung rolledout the beta for its flagship. A few days ago, LG launched the beta program for G8 in South Korea. The rollout of Beta 1 should begin before the end of this month. However, the rollout might be limited to South Korean consumers at this moment. So the UK and US users have to wait few more weeks to taste the first official beta of Android 10.

The rollout will be extended to V50 ThinQ in the next month and probably to V40 in December 2019. LG says that they will rollout the update sooner than last year rollouts to regain back their customers trust. More details about Android 10 Beta program for G8 will he posted here soon.

Update on 4/9/2019 :

Android 10 bug droid

Google pushed out the Android 10 update for Pixel series officially on September 3rd and uploaded to AOSP, today. Many users reported that they have installed the update smoothly but some users told that the phones stuck at Boot after installing the update. However, the phones which stuck at boot automatically started to Android 10 after a few minutes to hours. According to users, the official version is very similar to that of last and final beta which was released in last month.

Along with Google, One Plus and Essential also begins the rollout for their devices, as rumoured previously. However, LG made no comments regarding when will its flagships receive the Android 10 update.

We will update this post soon with more details about Android 10 for LG V40 and G8.

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