Android 10 for Xperia XZ2 Compact : Exclusive Features and Release Date

Xperia xz2 compact

The Xperia XZ2 Compact is a small-scale flagship from Sony, released in April, 2018. The XZ2 Compact flagship sports 5 inch display and powered by Snapdragon 845 chipset. The device runs on Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box and updated to Android 9 Pie later. The next major update for XZ2 Compact users is Android 10.

Google released the tenth anniversary edition of Android on September 3rd and before the official release, the Search giant did extensive beta testing through the rollout of six Betas not only to Pixel series but also other tech giants like Sony, LG, One Plus flagships. Sony rolledout the beta versions of Android Q for XZ3 flagship only.

Google dropped the tradition of naming of Android versions with famous desserts, so the update is called as Android 10 only. Till now, along with Pixel series devices, Essential Phone and OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro flagships received the update.

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Android 10 Release date for Sony XZ2 Compact

Android 10 new logo

Even after six weeks from the release of official version of Android 10, Sony hasn’t announced any thing about the rollout for its flagships. However, we can predict the rollout dates of Android 10 for XZ2 Compact based on the previous update rollouts.

The Japanese tech giant began the rollout of Pie for XZ2 compact on October 12th, so the development took nearly 64 days. But this time, because of Treble and other optimizations, Sony may take shorter time to develop the update. According to tech experts, Sony may take around 50 days to develop this update. So we can expect the rollout for XZ2 Compact in the third or last weeks of October. We will post the confirmed rollout dates here, as soon as Sony has announced them.

Update on 10/1/2020 :

Android 10 update xperia xz2 compact
The Japanese tech giant starts the rollout of Android 10 for Xperia XZ2 Compact devices along with other devices in XZ2 series and XZ3 on 5th, January. Initially the owners in Northern and Central Europe, Russia, Nordic counties started receiving the update and later spread to the unlocked devices of the US.

The update sizes about 730MB and contains all the standard goodies of Android 10. However, full gesture navigation is not there in the update since Sony didn’t update the stock launcher. Probably it will come with the next patch update to XZ2 Compact devices. Share your thoughts on the rollout of Android 10 for XZ2 Compact in the comments below.

Update on 16/11/2019 :

The Japanese tech giant released the official rollout details of Android 10 for its devices. As many leaks revealed earlier, Xperia XZ2 Compact is in the official update list, but the users have to wait for a long time before they get treated by the tenth anniversary edition of Android.

According to the official blog post, the latest flagships, Xperia 1 and Xperia 5 are going to receive the update in December and XZ2 compact will get it in early 2020. Most likely, the update rollout will start in the ending of Q1 of 2020 for Xperia XZ2 Compact. However, the carrier locked users have to wait for more time before tasting Android 10.

Android 10 bugdroid

Android 10 : Exclusive Features

The Tenth anniversary edition of Android brings many remarkable new features and refinements. Some of the key features of this update include Full Gesture navigation, System-wide dark mode, Battery saver scheduler, Project Mainline, native support for Desktop mode and 5G, Bubbles, Parental controls and Focus mode for Digital Wellbeing, New emoji collection and so on.

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Full Gesture Navigation

The Search Giant introduced the Gesture navigation in Android 9 Pie and refined it further in Android 10. More gestures added and the navbar is completely removed leaving only a small bar like Home button resulting in more screen real estate. Users can adjust the back gesture sensitivity in the Navigation section in Settings menu. High back sensitivity conflicts with other gestures at the edge of the screen.

If users don’t like the new navigation, can revert back to old navigation options with classic Home, Overview, and Back buttons.

System-Wide Dark mode

Android 10 dark mode

Google rolledout some dark themed elements for user interface in Android 9 Pie, but complete dark mode comes in Android 10. Users can enable the new gorgeous dark theme by going into Settings> Display > Themes or simply turning on the battery saver.

New dark mode completely changes android, even third-party apps also . If the app developer didn’t include a native dark theme, Android itself changes colors in the app using AI processing. Using dark mode not only reduce eye strain, but also saves lot of battery on Xperia XZ2 Compact.

Android 10 Bubbles

Android 10 bubbles

The Bubbles is a new feature to multi-task more efficiently on Android. The feature works mostly similar to Facebook’s chatheads. When a notification or message arrives on any chat app like Whatsapp, a small bubble like Window appears through which users can give quick replies without reaching for Notification bar or launching the app. So users can browse Web or watch a movie in the background while giving replies to messages. Google may improve the feature further in the upcoming updates.

Parental Controls and Focus mode

Android 10 parental controls

The Xperia XZ2 users can experience these new components of Digital Wellbeing after being updated to Android 10. Parental Controls is a new feature to limit children’s smart phone activity and prevent addiction. Using the feature users can limit screen-on time, Specific app usage time and lock certain apps.

Focus mode is a new feature to prevent constant interruptions through Notifications and alerts. When the users turns-on the Focus mode, it temporarily the notifications and alerts. So users can enjoy watching movie or browsing web without any notification beeps or alerts.

Native support for Desktop mode

Android 10 desktop mode

Google introduced the desktop mode support in Android 10 Q update and rolledout for Pixel devices. Essential Phone and One Plus 7 also got desktop mode support with the update. So we hope Xperia XZ2 Compact too will get the mode with the next big update.

Using desktop mode and custom launchers designed by developers, XZ2 Compact users can experience android on bigger screens like monitors and TVs and do productive tasks, use similar to Windows PC. However, the desktop mode in Android 10 is still experimental and many refinements are on the way with the next Android update.

Smart Reply

Android 10 smart reply

With Android 10, Google introduced the smart reply feature which is primarily based on-device machine learning. The feature works basically in this way : when a new message arrives in messaging apps like Whatsapp, Messages, a notification will appear with the content of message and also some quick replies generated based on AI. So G8 and V40 users can send quick replies using the smart reply feature.

With the feature users can launch third party instantaneously with action bubble which appears below the content. For example, when a text message with address to a location arrived, an option to navigate to the location using Maps app will show up below the message in the Notification. So user can directly navigate to the location with just a single tap. Google may refine the feature further in upcoming updates.

Battery Saver Schedule

Android 10 battery saver

The Tenth anniversary update of Android arrived with some notable refinements associated with AI to the Battery saver feature. The Xperia XZ2 Compact users can head to Battery section in Settings, open Battery saver and then Battery saver Schedule. There, users can find three options : No Schedule (This disables battery saver), Based on Your routine and Based on Percentage.

After tapping on the option, Based on Your routine, users can simply forget about managing Battery saver. Because the feature enables and disables itself automatically without any user’s attention. The Schedule feature analyses the user’s behaviour and charging patterns using on-device machine learning and manages itself.

New Collection of Emoji

Android 10 new emoji

The Android 10 update is coming with many interesting new emoji for Xperia XZ2 Compact users. Many existing emoji are modified as Gender-neutral and appear as such by default. However, users can select man/woman emoji by long tapping on the emoji required. According to Emojipedia’s analysis, there are more than 800 redesigned emoji and of them, about 300 are gender-redesigns. The update includes about 236 new emoji which can be categorized into Accessibility, Animal, Food and so on. Please share your thoughts about the new emoji in the comments below.

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