Android 11 R Features, Release Date and Rumour Roundup

Android 11

Google released the Tenth anniversary edition of Android on September 3rd, 2019 and all the Pixel series devices including Original Pixel, Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 flagships received the update in phases.

The Android 11 R update is the next big update coming with many remarkable changes and improvements. According to latest leaks, the first Beta is coming with many interesting features like improved Airplane mode, Video recording file size limit over 4GB, Dark mode scheduling and so on.

Google started the development of Android 11 R soon after the rollout of Android 10 and now the development is at full speed as the release date of the first preview is approaching.

Android 11 R Release Window

The Search giant launched the First Developer preview of Android 11 on 19th, February and supplemented it with incremental update in early-March. The DP1 hit all the enrolled Pixel series owners except original Pixel (reached end of life). 

Later, on March 18th, the second Developer Preview hit the enrolled Pixel 2, 3, 4 series owners with many improvements and new features over DP1. 


According to the official roadmap, the DP3 is going to be launched in mid-April. Then, the Eleventh iteration of Android enters beta stage in mid-May with the release of Beta 1. The Beta 2 and 3 of Android 11 will come in June and July months respectively.

The official release of Android 11 will take place in Q3 of 2020, most likely in August or September. 

Which Phones are going to get Android 11 ?


  1. Pixel 4
  2. Pixel 4 XL
  3. Pixel 3
  4. Pixel 3 XL
  5. Pixel 3a
  6. Pixel 2
  7. Pixel 2 XL


  1. Galaxy S20/S11 (not announced)
  2. Galaxy Note 10
  3. Galaxy S10
  4. Galaxy Note 9
  5. Galaxy A series (select)
  6. Galaxy M series (select)


  1. Xperia 5
  2. Xperia 1
  3. Xperia XZ3
  4. Xperia 10
  5. Xperia 10 Plus


  1. LG G8s ThinQ
  2. LG G8 ThinQ
  3. LG V50 ThinQ
  4. LG V40 ThinQ


  1. Moto One
  2. Moto One Vision
  3. Moto One Action
  4. Moto Z4 (Probably)
  5. Moto G9 series (not announced)


  1. OnePlus 8 (not announced)
  2. OnePlus 7 
  3. OnePlus 7 Pro
  4. OnePlus 6T
  5. One Plus 6 (Probably)

We are going to update the above list with more devices in coming days.

Android 11 R Exclusive Features

Video filesize more tham 4GB

Pixel 4 video files, Credits :XDA

According to XDA developers, the limitation of 4GB file size will be removed in Android 11, based on the commits on AOSP gerrit. The 4GB limitation was imposed long back in 2014, when the video recoding at 4K resolution has just arrived on some flagships. Now when a Pixel 4 user try to record a video@4K the maximum file size reaches in 12mins. and then Android will create another file and begin writing the data without any breaks.

The limitation of 4Gb size is due to 32-bit file size limitation. Google decided to bring up the 64-bit file size in the next android version, according to the commits, so the maximum file size would be practically very large and fills entire storage of phone. But Google may impose file size limit at 32Gb in the stock camera app, which can be surpassed by using thirdparty apps like Opencamera.

Improved Airplane mode

Android 11 airplane mode

The Airplane mode feature is a shortcut in Quicksettings to disable all wireless connections with a single tap. But with the arrival of wireless earbuds connecting over Bluetooth A2DP, it becomes annoying for the user that the turning-on Airplane mode disconnects all Bluetooth connections. So the user have to again turn-on the Bluetooth manually and re-connect to earbuds.

According to commits made in Android developement in AOSP gerrit, discovered by folks at XDA, it seems that the Android 11 R update is coming with a solution to the problem. Context aware Airplane mode is the key improvement which keeps Bluetooth on when any device connected over A2DP or any hearing aid is connected. So turning-on Airplane mode while Bluetooth speakers or earbuds still connected, won’t disconnect them on Android 11.

Scheduled Dark mode

The Android R preview may include a scheduler for Dark mode which improves user experience a lot. The feature was originally present in Android 10 betas but removed in the stable release, because it might stop app function and restart the app instantaneously and it may also require location permissions and sunset/sunrise timings to work accurately.

However, according to XDA developers, the feature may return in Android 11, due to several requests from users. So we may see a scheduler for dark mode in the upcoming preview of Android R.

The first preview of Android 11 may also include improvements to Gesture navigation, Battery saver, and also many more.

Update on 30/4/2020 :

Android 11 back gesture sensitivity
The Search giant pushed out the Android 11 DP3 on April 20th, for Pixel series devices. The third developer preview came with some bug fixes and new features like improved screenshot editor overview, increased undo time for Recent app closure, revamped notifications, customized gesture sensitivity at edges and so on.

Google is going to release the first Beta for consumers in May, and more partner devices will be added to Android 11 Beta program, according to leaks. More details will be revealed in coming days.

Update on 2/4/2020 :

Google releases the second off-cycle update in the Android 11 program which is named as DP 2.1. As many of you know, the Search giant released the Second preview on March 18th for Pixel devices except original Pixel aka Pixel 1.

The bugfixes and refinements in DP 2.1 include System UI framedrops while navigating abd scrolling, WearOS App crash, Settings app crash while using search and statusbar crash in sone instances. The developers and users participating in the program will get a OTA notification showing version number RPP2.200227.014 very soon.

Update on 24/3/2020 :

The Developer Preview 2 of Android 10 landed for Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 4 series devices, few days ago. The DP2 contains many notable features like Notification history in Settings, Double tap gesture customization, 5G state API, improved Screen recording UI, Wireless ADB support and so on.

The enrolled Pixel owners for Android 11 Beta program will get the DP2 OTA in stages. At the moment, no devices other than Google Pixel series (except original Pixel) devices are added to the Beta program. Most likely, in May, the Search giant may include partner flagship devices in the Android 11 Beta program.

Update on 12/3/2020 :

The Search Giant released a patch update for Developer Preview 1, last week. The update named as Developer Preview 1.1 and contains no new features but includes fixes for some serious bugs in DP1.

The second developer preview is destined to launch in late-March, according to the roadmap released before. So in a few days, the DP2 of Android 11 will hit the enrolled Pixel 2, 3 and 4 series users.

Update on 22/2/2020 :


The Search Giant released the first developer preview of Android 11 for eligible Pixel series devices on 19th, February. The release contains many interesting features like exclusive support for 5G downloads, Call screening, modern display design support, refined notifications and Privacy controls, screen recording, Neural network API and so on.

At the moment the preview is only available for Pixel 2, Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 series devices. According to the official roadmap, Google will release three developer previews and three betas before the final release in Q3 of 2020. So in May, 2020, more devices may join at the Beta launch event of I/O 2020.

Update on 7/2/2020 :

Android 11 r preview leak on Pixel 2XL

Last month, we have seen a Pixel 4 running on Android R on Geekbench. A screenshot showing Pixel 2 XL running on Android R has been spotted in the wild. Since, the release of the first preview of Android R is very near, it seems a legible screenshot.

There are not much details in the screenshot except version number and Security patch of January month. However, more leaks of Android 11 R early build will be spotted in coming days. Stay tuned to our blog to more about Android 11 R preview.

We will update the post soon with more details about the Android 11 R update.

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